A promotion at Storm

Not surprisingly, this blog has seen little activity. But I figured it's worth posting some press around my recent promotion. Perhaps the news hook is less sexy than my stint at In-Q-Tel (also mentioned here), but I'm extremely excited to be part of Storm Ventures.



Underwater shot of a baby elephant swimming


A new year...

We successfully graduated from Columbia Business School in May of 2005. After taking a two-year postponed honeymoon, we finally headed west back to the Bay Area. Lydia landed at Mckinsey's Silicon Valley Office, and Ben settled in up the street at In-Q-Tel. Our favorite past-time is trying to get ourselves in the same city. Second runner-up is our ever-expanding renovation project in our new home.
05 christmas card - touched up 2


Katrina medial relief

We're proud of Ben's father and oldest brother for serving Katrina victims in Kenner, LA. They're working side-by-side as doctors in a medical relief team sponsored by Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Enoch is blogging their experiences here.