You're @#*% engaged?!

just after the proposalYou're @#*% engaged?!
Yep, we're engaged. Ben Choi proposed to me, Lydia Cheng, on August 6, 2002, taking me completely by surprise with a video billboard proposal in downtown Singapore before a group of our friends. We're both still getting used to saying “My Fiancé”. And catching sight of the ring still renders me moonstruck. (Ben: and I'm simply relieved she said yes.)

We wish we could have told you in person or over the phone, but the 12 to 15 hour time difference gets in the way, so please forgive us sharing this personal news over this impersonal medium. We'd like to invite you to view a video of the moment of the proposal (courtesy of our good friend Shawn) and hope it will help you further share in our joy. We'll be posting some other key parts of the special evening on a newly-created website BenAndLydia.com for your interest as well (yes, courtesy of my embarrassingly tech-handy fiancé - I get to say “fiancé” again! Hee hee!).

Also please let us take the long-distance liberty of thanking you for your support from afar during this time of celebration. We look forward to sharing more details with you on the site.


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